Bill World

Day Three

Meanwhile, back at the jail again…
The half-elf Arlayna had also found herself behind bars. She was also given the same offer as the others before her. She appeared before Saieka, Merenwen and Moleiri along with the wizard. He stated that the “rat problem” was getting worse and disappeared with Saieka leaving Arlayna behind. Portia was startled by the brief interlude, but Moleiri said it was becoming a fairly common occurrence. Portia stated that she would be on her own way once we helped her locate her party. Despite Arlayna’s complaints, Moleiri stated that since Portia’s party was originally in the direction we were heading, it wasn’t going to be too much out of our way to help her before continuing about our quest.

When the group readies to head out the next day, there’s a black wolf waiting at the edge of camp. Merenwen approached the wolf and it accepted her attention, being rather friendly. With Merenwen’s background, she determined that the wolf was her animal companion. The group headed off to find Portia’s party. While walking, Portia started a conversation about the Phoenix Sword asking the travelers which party member thought they’d be the next King. Merenwen said she wasn’t interested in being a King or Queen. When Arlayna told Portia that she was going to be the next King, Merenwen snorted and moved off to find Moleiri. Portia said the mage in her party had said that he thought he was descended from the line of the kings and hoped that there would be no conflict between our party and hers. Moleiri piped into the conversation from concealment. After the conversation died down, Portia said that she thought the group was getting close to where she thought her party was last located and therefore should take the lead. Molieri commented that he had found nothing close.

After some additional time and travel, Moleir heard something approaching him where he was on point… He saw two fighters and it looked like they had either heard or spotted him. When it seemed like they were separating to find him, Moleiri went invisible and hide from their search. While they weren’t able to find him, they were able to hear Portia and the rest of the party. When they actually see Portia, they call out to her. They asked her “Is the Princess safe?” She replied that, “The Princess left in the night” which she told Merenwen and Arlayna that was their code that meant we weren’t holding her hostage and should be considered friends. Portia thanked the group and left with the fighters.

The group continued to look for the ogres. Late in the day, Moleiri heard some very loud voices who weren’t speaking in any language that any of the party members understood. Moleiri asked the others to wait for him while he went to investigate. Merenwen moved off to the side of the path in case the unknown people were approaching. Moleiri approached and saw it was a party of ogres sitting around eating various things, including a horse. Arlayna said she was going to go see what she could find and took off before Merenwen could stop her. Moleiri came back telling Merenwen that it was ogres. Merenwen told the others that ogres are big and dumb, and they often speak giant. Moleiri stated that there was magic, magic that he thought was coming from the object that belonged to the carcasses they were eating. The group decide to have Moleiri cast charm on one of the ogres, lure him to a trap that Merenwen sent up to trip and hinder him.

With this plan in place, when one wondered off by himself, Moleiri successfully cast charm person. It didn’t look like the ogre understood what Moleiri was saying, but it followed him and his pantomiming directions. The ogre got one leg caught in the trap, so it didn’t take him completely down. The group advanced to engage with him. Moleiri disappeared and reappeared as he initiated a sneak attack on the ogre. Then Merenwen killed him with a massive cleave of her battle axe. The group decided to head back to the ogre group to make sure none of the others had heard anything. We found the other ogres sitting where they were previously. Arlayna decided to try sneaking around the group and found one out away from the others. It shouted and charged when it saw her. She charged as well, but missed. The other ones were focusing on the shouting and sounds of battle off to the side of their clearing. Moleiri disappeared and cast a darkness spell centered around three of the ogres. Merenwen was caught in the darkness and walked out. She killed one of the ogres that had attacked Arlayna, but another caused enough damage to Arlayna to make her unconscious from her wounds. One of the ogres that had been caught in the darkness escaped and also attacked Arlayna and Merenwen. Merenwen killed the second ogre while Moleiri kept disappearing, attacking and disappearing again. Merenwen killed the third ogre and used some of the healing potions on Arlayna and the wolf. Once she was awake, Arlayna used some of her bracelet’s charges to heal herself while Merenwen and Moleiri did the same to themselves. Moleir found that the magic items were three salves, a stylus, a gem and some gold totaling two thousand in a pouch which was divided amongst the party members. Moleiri mentioned getting away from the site of the battle in case the two ogres who ran away were to return. Merenwen worked to hide the group’s trail. Merenwen found a good hiding spot for the rest of the evening. Arlayna discoverd that the gem was able to identify objects six times a day. As such, the first salve was a neutralize poison. Salve two was cure disease and salve three was remove curse. The stylus was a one use item that would allow the holder to place a magic rune of healing enhancement that would enhance the effect. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.



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