Bill World

Day Two

Meanwhile, back at the jail…
Saieka was made the same offer as Merenwen, Zeder and Moleiri, which she accepted. In addition to the bracelet, she was given a potion skin that creates three cure potions a day. The wizard transported Saieka to where the original party was trying to revive Moleiri. He said Lord Mentar had a “rat problem” and grabbed Zeder, leaving Saieka behind.

After a brief standoff and introduction, Merenwen requested the potion to heal up Moleiri. After healing, Merenwen noticed the gnoll prisoner was getting close to loosening his rope bonds. The gnoll started trying to bargain with Merenwen — that if she let him go, he would tell the others to go easy on the party… Merenwen laughed, picked him up by the scruff and showed him the carnage from the battle and told him he was the one who needed to be worried about the party going easy. Moleiri cast suggestion on the gnoll, suggesting that the gnoll help the party, to better insure his own survival. The gnoll appeared to agree and asked to be released. Merenwen untied him and the gnoll said we all should go somewhere else for the evening, as scavengers would be attracted to the dead bodies. The gnoll asked for his weapon and then said he knew a safe place nearby. The group followed him about 30 min to a secluded area. Moleiri sent the gnoll off to get the hyena carcass to eat and then shot it in the back with his hand crossbow when he returned. Moleiri convinced the bespelled gnoll that some unknown enemy had shot him. The gnoll told Moleiri they should run and when he turned his back again, Moleiri threw up a darkness and took him down. When Moleiri returned, he was transporting the gnoll on a travois. The group rested and in the morning, the gnoll (who was no longer under Moleiri’s control) tried to run away. Saieka cast lullaby and when the group got to him, Moleiri cast charm on him again. Moleiri started asking more questions about the gnoll camp, the Swordseekers, patrols, the gnoll king, etc.. The party discovered there was also a ogre camp and decided to see if maybe the ogres had the stone and sword.

The party headed off to find the ogres. The party was ambushed by a giant preying mantas. It snatched Merenwen and tried to eat her, but she was able to break its hold. The others fired at the insect. Then a spear came out of “nowhere” with the killing blow while spear killed the gnoll. Moleiri lead the discussion with the second party of humans (noble Viking-type fighters). The leader said that they wanted the party to “stay out of their business” and to adventure in a different direction from where they were headed. The group decided to head at a slightly off direction and then cut back towards our original direction that would lead us to the ogres. The group stopped for some hunting and saw a campfire in the distance. We decided to get closer to investigate and then Moleiri proceeded to sneak in closer so he could listen to the conversation better. From the arguments, Moleiri believed that this was probably the Swordseekers. We returned to our camp and decided to avoid this other group as well.

Not long afterwards, the party was attacked by a wandering troll. It dealt some mighty blows to Merenwen, but the party was eventually able to kill it and burn the remains. After setting it afire, the party moved to a new location for the rest of the night. In the morning, Moleiri went scouting and found a wounded cleric named Portia in the woods.

He offered her assistance and escorted her back to the camp when she accepted. Moleiri suggested we give the cleric a potion. She thanked us and said she couldn’t repay us at the moment, since she didn’t have any spells available. Portia offered to provide healing for the party tomorrow, if we would escort her and try to help any surviving members of her party. On the way back to her campsite, the group encountered the Viking group from the previous day, cleaning up from dispatching ogres….



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