Bill World

Day One

Following a the night in jail after a bar brawl, Merenwen, Zeder and Moleiri were called into the courtroom by Lord Mentar. He mentioned that the Phoenix Blade – legendary blade of the kings of Port Kar- had returned. He said we’d be set free and paid 5000 gold if we destroy the blade and bring back the stone. Our first task was to find the Hydra Station. After finding the Station, we would be teleported near to the sword’s location and then be able to search for the sword’s location.

We were each “given” a bracelet that would monitor our location, but also restore 1d6 of damage. The bracelets held 10 charges and would regenerate up to 1d4 charges per night.

Moleiri said someone at the inn he was staying at had been talking about the Hydra Station. The group headed to the inn to see if this person was there but the bartender said the man probably be there in the later in the evening. While waiting, the group went to the temple next door to look there for hints on where we could find the Hydra Station. One acolyte said it was in our best interest to not know about the Hydra Station; the other hit on Merenwen and said she would share the info on the location if Merenwen accompanied her to the back room. Merenwen declined and the group spent the afternoon wandering about the neighborhood. In the evening, The group returned to the inn to find that the man had already been there and left when he heard a drow was looking for him. Then we headed to the tavern down the road and found the man there. Moleiri cast suggestion on him and he told Merenwen about the Station. When a drunkard accusing Zeder of stealing his gold purse, the group was able to leave the bar with little difficulty and head down the alleys where the Station was supposed to be located.

While looking for the door that had the sign of the hydra, the threesome was stopped by some human fighters who tried to extort safe passage. Merenwen dropped the fighter facing her quickly and went to help Moleiri with the two facing him. Her arrows were enough to make the second fall and the last fighter/thug retreated down the alley way. Moleiri pursued the fleeing thug and found him climbing a rope. He was able to impede the guy’s climb by grabbing his leg. Merenwen checked the second fighter, recovered her arrows, and then Zeder stabilized his wounds. Merenwen headed down the alley after Moleiri and the third assailant. Moleiri used spider climb and intimidated the thief into descending the rope and leaving a bag of magic goodies (bracers, whetstone and 200gp). Moleiri also took the MW long sword from the thief and divided up the gold. Merenwen asked the thug where the Hydra Station was, and he indicated they were standing at the back of the building. The group released him and headed to the door of the Station after Morelei healed himself using the bracer.

Merenwen knocked on the door. When the doorman asked the group’s business, she said they were here for transportation. Zeder added that we were hired by Lord Mentar. The doorman let the group in, saying “We’ve been expecting you.” There was a free-standing door in the middle of the room. Merenwen went through the mist-filled door, followed by Moleiri and Zeder. They ended in a larger room that contained a short goblin-like fellow and several chests. The room seemed to glow with magic when Moleiri used detect magic. There was a growling noise and Zeder’s dogs started growling in response. The goblinoid told “Pooki” to show himself, and a chimera appeared. The goblinoid stated that the sword had been found by something, but that whatever it was didn’t realize what it had found. He also said that anyone else who was searching would not be on our side. He stated we would be transported in a circle to the Depp Woods and that when all three bracelets were in the circle, we would be returned to the goblinoid’s room. Before he sent us on our way, he mentioned that the return circle would be invisible unless you were standing in the circle.

Merenwen marked the surroundings around the circle to help the group find it later. The group rested and in the morning, Merenwen started checking for signs of anything that would be “abnormal” in the woods (like orges, orcs, bugbears, etc) and found the gnoll tracks while searching. She relayed some of the basic knowledge about gnolls (hyena-like, sneaky, not the bravest, travel in packs, etc) to the group for reference. She told them that flashy magic or killing the leader easily/quickly could get the rest of the pack to flee. Zeder was able to identify the magic taken from the thieves: +2 bracers and a whetstone that would make a weapon keen for 24hrs, but could only be used three times.

Merenwen led the others, following the gnoll tracks. The group surprised two gnoll scouts and a hyena. Merenwen shot one of them and both Moleiri and Zeder hit them with faerie fire. The hyena charged Merenwen and Zeder while the gnolls ran away. Merenwen killed it and followed after Moleiri who was chasing the gnolls. The gnolls split up so Moleiri waited for the others to catch up. When they did, Merenwen went back to looking for the freshest and largest number gnoll tracks. The party heard a gnoll voice shout at the drow that they would make a deal. The leader offered information on a group of humans a half-day away, but the discussion went badly and the gnoll leader told the rest of his party to “kill them all”… After a very lengthy battle, the party was victorious and even ended up with a sleeping prisoner. Moleiri was wounded and Zeder was out of cure lights, so we decided to rest.



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